Constructed Kaos Communications is an integrated communications company influenced by the medium of space planning to create brand relevancy. Over the past nine years, we have worked tirelessly to understand the significance of renting space in people’s minds, of the brands we manage.

We creatively place your brand in the correct and more relevant spaces, but most of all we innovatively create news for your brand to be spoken about in those places, by the right people.

We view our role as that of a custodian, whose main purpose is to influence all strategic messages sent to our client’s market and encourage data-driven and decisive dialogue with them.


Work principles
Work to improve society while advancing our partners and our company’s image.

Management principles
Insist on quality and excellence through creating socially and economically relevant brands.

To be the best in experiential and disruptive communication in every market that we serve.



Constructed Kaos 2013

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